About Us

Bringing the best Hybrid Peruvian-Mexican food for more than 10 years

Who we are

Pollo Bravo is a hybrid Peruvian-Mexican restaurant chain based in Houston TX. This restaurant is a labor of love created by Bravo Family who learned the restaurant business in fast-paced New York and New Jersey. The Bravo Family decided to bring their talents to Texas to enjoy the comforts and leisure that Texas is known for, concepts that were not lost when he decided to open the first Pollo Bravo five years ago.

When a guest first walks into Pollo Bravo they are greeted and treated with the wonderful hospitality that Latinos and Texas are known for. You are invited in and seated in a warm environment that feels like home. Pollo Bravo is comfortable with what it is not. It is not a snotty, “pinky-out” environment and it is not a kooky, loud, goofy assortment on the walls place either. Aside from the comfortable atmosphere, the best way to describe the food is international comfort food. The signature dish “Pollo a la Brasa” or Peruvian style rotisserie chicken is something that is familiar to most people. Pollo Bravo adds a secret blend of over 25 fresh and natural Peruvian style spices adding a flair that to their chicken which makes it unique on this side of the hemisphere. We take great pride in our ingredients, always selecting the best product we can find. Pollo Bravo never adds chemical flavoring like MSG. The international comfort food appeal shines in all the side dishes which include South American staples such as fried yucca/ cassava, maduros and tostones which are sweet and savory takes on plantains, and a uniquely Peruvian favorite known as salchipapa, a combination of french fries and sliced frankfurters. When speaking of comfort food, ice cream is king. Pollo Bravo makes ice cream in house using a Peruvian fruit known as Lucuma. The flavor of Lucuma is unique but reminiscent of sweet pumpkin.

There are many other dishes that make Pollo Bravo different such as the Peruvian style ceviche. One major difference that is immediately apparent between most home-style authentic restaurants and Pollo Bravo is in its presentation. They are well aware that guests will taste with their eyes before a knife and fork touch the dish. Dishes are thoughtfully orchestrated on each plate in way usually found in more upscale environments. The avocado salad and causa rellena are perfect examples. The avocado salad uses contrasting colors of green and red delicate ribbons of dressing, while the causa rellena is served like a small french cuisine style tower. Although the environment is relaxed and comfortable the food is serious in presentation and authentic in flavors.
Pollo Bravo is expanding and more people are tasting the Bravo difference. We don’t compete with anyone but ourselves, striving every day to offer better food and better service than we did the day before. Come in and taste our signature rotisserie chicken or our more exotic options for yourself.